What are you fighting for?


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"What are you fighting for?" is the debut album of The Wild Rover from Perm, Russia.
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СD released on '59 Sound Record Shop



released September 25, 2013

Alexandr Kobelev - Guitar, Vocal
Igor Stepanenko - Bass, Vocal
Pavel Korzhenko - Drums
Mikhail Hodyrev - Vocal, Guitar

All lyrics by Mikhail Hodyrev
All songs by The Wild Rover

Additional vocals:
Vitaliy Chernishev
Georgiy Mymrin
Vitaliy Spirin

Additional musicians:
Christoph Hassel - Keys

Recorded at Cover Records Studio, Perm
Produced by The Wild Rover
Engineered by Stanislav Spirkov and Nikolay Ozhiganov
Mixed and mastered by Christoph Hassel

Layout and design by Pavel Korzhenko



all rights reserved


THE WILD ROVER Russian Federation

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Track Name: Chains Are Broken
It's all about future
It's all about past
About the days of glory
And the broken heart
And we're asking questions
No pretenders
No more
I predict revelation
I told you so

Alright Alright
The chains are broken
Can you believe?
The Chains are broken
And we take our breath
And we give our smiles
And we think about the future
Like it's the very first time

You forgave me my sins
We can share our dreams
Even wind changed direction
Our boat'll never sink
And we can go higher
And the band is The Clash
And the girl is Junie Carter
And the boy is Johnny Cash
Track Name: Armagideon Time
You've got a hard work that not everyone can stand.
Your wife is a teacher and she stands it just the same.
Together you build future for yourself and for your kids.
So many people died in Iraq!
As many as in Vietnam and Afghanistan!
I don't believe you wish something like this to be
In this game there are no winners it's The World War III.

It's Armagideon time, what're you fighting for?
Silly politician starts the war!
It's armagideon time!
It's armagideon time!

You and me we wish to be good parents
We try to protect our future and our house
And it's terrible to see how someone sucks the blood of our kids.
We are slaves to the system that sucks blood of the earth.
The planet is in trouble, there's no more time left.
Maybe something gonna change when we stop looking through it.
Something gonna change.

It's Armagideon time, what're you fighting for?
Silly politician starts the war!
It's armagideon time!
It's armagideon time!

It's armagideon time in the corner of the earth!
Money and oil bring the death!
It's armagideon time!
It's armagideon time!

It's Armagideon time, what're you fighting for?
It's Armagideon time, what're you fighting for?
It's Armagideon time, what're you fighting for?
Track Name: Russian Tragedy
Just another story,
About a sixteen years old boy.
What have you done? Why was it so wrong?
We”ve grown on the same streets,
We’ve gone to the same school.
How could this story ever happen to you?
Exciting days, exciting life,
Cool music, girls and football fans.
He found friends to belong to the crowd.
He looked to his left. He looked to his right.

Hey, Moscow! Do you have time?
Take a look on all those shattered lives.
Hey, Moscow! Do you have time?
They want to be free. Russian Tragedy.

From this moment the death wheel has started the ride.
Luzhniki, Manezhka, black, yellow & white.
Everywhere he has been in the first row.
Everywhere he has been in the first row.
Headlines of the news, on radar of police
And everyone has just doubled his sins.
He found friends to belong to the crowd.
He looked to his left. He looked to his right.

Hey, Moscow! Do you have time?
Take a look on all those shattered lives.
Hey, Moscow! Do you have time?
Another night. Russian Tragedy.

He and his friends they were going from a pub.
Saw a man, his skin color was black.
One of them started a fight,
One of them took a knife,
One of them ran away
And the man bit the dust.
One of them said:
"Boy, take the knife it's your fault!
You are sixteen years old, nothing will be wrong."
Now the boy is in jail for the next twenty years
His lonely mother has drowned in tears.
Track Name: Riot Radio
Have you seen the tears of the liar
Who stands in front of fireworks?
Red Walls protect him from living corpses.
And there I've seen the winner used the dirty tricks.
The lie is cold, as a prison for two little girls.

We dance, We sing to the song on the radio.
We scream, We think about the song on the radio.
The riot radio.

Voice of millions asked for changes
Loud, strong, but all they've got is pain,
Insanity. The blood on fists, a lot of shame.
So many things are going wrong,
So many bad things last too long.
And everyone has gone his way,
But one thing always'll be the same.
Track Name: The Light
I have seen you in the morning
You went home I went to work
I have tried to give you smile
You were close but I don't know
Have you seen me?
Did I get you?
Have you seen me burned inside?
I have tried to shine so bright
I have tried to steel your heart

That's the light that I can follow
I won't have regrets of these times
Even if I don't know the reason
And the way is not so easy
Left behind the burning bridges
Even if I don't know the reason

Some might say that million tons bomb
Gonna drop down right on me
I don't want to know the reason
I don't want to do the list
Of misfortunes which I should blame
That's not bomb that crashes on me
That's my fault and I Can take it
All my blames I send to me
Track Name: Song For The Hungry Hearts
I have got no answers
For the questions of my hungry heart
Always looking for something,
For impressions that've never been in past
I never doubt in feelings,
In dreams that bring the light I see
And it's my direction
No matter how hard it will come for me

Credit cards and the thousand bills
Boring job and the working week
Television is a fake entertainment
Solidarity among them
Brave New World doesn't want you worry
You can buy yourself the thrills
Someone's scared, but someone's happy
I'm afraid it's not ok with me

When I saw it for the first time
I thought that no man in the whole world
would be happy about it
Oh, man! How terribly I was wrong
Please tell me the answer
This question's like splinter attacking my heart
But there's no reason to blame them
Better take time and look at yourself
Track Name: Magic Of The History Ft. Gera And Vitalik
Magic of the history really touched the heart
It's so disappointing when one can't be the part
Of those magic moments someone told about.
Magic of the history really touched the heart!

I wish to remember 1969,
But I was born in my own time
I wish to feel glory of the modern days
History's repeating anyway!

Who will tell our children the stories of the past?
About our smiles, about our cries,
About all our wisdom, that son must tell his son.
Magic of the history it's the story of your own!
Track Name: Nothing Lasts Forever
You think you choose
The Clever way
You shot the man in back
Without chance to pray
You watched him die
Didn't see his eyes
Because you were scared
He knew about your lies

You told everyone about self defence
About proud fight between two kinds of man
There were no words of truth
But everyone believed
How does it feel?
How can you?

He just wished to live the day
When no one does like you
Without tragedies of mothers
And it's true
He just believed
There's no future for you luck
He never tell anyone
But you have shot him in the back

Nothing lasts forever
Bad things never come alone
Loose your faith for the moment
And you will never know where you were wrong
What can you name "eternal"?
Except the bullshit and the lies of men
Who've been blinded with the glory
And The power of the richest hands
Track Name: If
If you are the engine of your country
If you are defender of your home
If you can appreciate the efforts of the honest man at work
And you can be someone special,
But always share your bread with friends
And your heart's free from silly judgments
And I will call you a proud man

If you get down you will get up
You'll raise your flag against the darkness
And everything will be alright!
Track Name: Working On A Dream
Looking back at all my life
Asking questions about the things I've done
I know I've built my life on dreams
I know I've built my life on dreams
Never afraid of future mistakes
Working hard day by day
Always ready to pay the cost
For the things I love the most

I know we've got so much to do
I know we've got so much to say
Always do all my best
Like it's the very last day
And it's under my skin
And it's deep in my soul
And I have no fear about the end of the world

That could be the last day of the world
Does anybody want to spend it alone?
No matter how much you have on your side
There always will be something to find.
Better get that or better get this
Or d'you want to fall in everlasting kiss?
To get something new, more worthy than gold
I hope that you will sing your favourite song!